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Welcome to Stratford Taxi Association

This website aims to provide up to the minute information to all involved in taxi / PH business serving the district of Stratford upon Avon.

On the Licensing News page we hope you will find up to date information from the Licensing Department relating to the local trade.

The STA meetings page offers information on forthcoming STA and STA/Council meetings.

Documents is an archive of changes in legislation and regulation affecting our business.

The Enhanced Mechanical Standards test was just one new measure putting a growing pressure on our operating costs

A few suppliers who may be able to help you reduce these costs to a managable level.

The medical. Some Doctors are charging 120 or more for a half hour medical examination. Driver Medicals are a specialist team of contract doctors doing the same checks for less than 60

Examinations can be undertaken in Birmingham or Coventry. Tel 0870 609 1540. We suggest you check with Licensing that they are ok with this.

Smart repairs is a trade term for a low cost budget repair; usually to scratches on paintwork or damaged upholstery.

We will in the months ahead compile a directory of firms offering these services.